World Renowned Cybersecurity and Change Management Expert for Leading Fortune 500 Companies

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World Renowned Cybersecurity and Change Management Expert for Leading Fortune 500 Companies

Dr. Dave Chatterjee
University of Georgia

Guest BIO:
Dr. Dave Chatterjee is an accomplished technology thought leader and business strategist. As a recognized expert in information systems and dedicated to his clients’ success, Dr. Chatterjee has a broad base of expertise in Enterprise Digitization, IT Value Management, Cloud Computing, Social Media, Cybersecurity, and Change Management initiatives for industry leading Fortune 500 companies.

Topics to Discuss:

National Cyber Security Awareness Month (October), cybersecurity, data breaches
Dave Chatterjee, Ph.D. ( is an accomplished technology thought leader and tenured associate professor in the MIS department, Terry College of Business, the University of Georgia.

With the Internet touching all aspects of everyone’s daily life, most of us could benefit from a reminder through an annual campaign such as this that works to raise awareness about the importance of cybersecurity. National Cyber Security Awareness Month is presented by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Additionally, Dr. Chatterjee will deliver the keynote address during the annual meeting of the Atlanta chapter of the Society for Information Management in November.

You’ll find more info here:

Each week in October spotlights a particular theme.
October 23 to 27 is The Internet Wants YOU: Consider a Career in Cybersecurity.
October 30 and 31, the theme is Protecting Critical Infrastructure from Cyber Threats.

You’ll find more below on the remaining themes.

Week 4: October 23-27 – Theme: The Internet Wants YOU: Consider a Career in Cybersecurity
According to a study by the Center for Cyber Safety and Education, by 2022, there will be a shortage of 1.8 million information security workers. It is critical that today’s students graduate ready to enter the workforce to fill the vast number of available cybersecurity positions. Week 4 will encourage students and other job seekers to explore cybersecurity careers. Key influencers – like parents, teachers, guidance counselors and state and local officials – will learn more about this growing field and how to engage youth in pursuing cybersecurity careers.

Week 5: October 30-31 – Theme: Protecting Critical Infrastructure from Cyber Threats
The essential systems that support our daily lives – such as electricity, financial institutions, and transportation – are all dependent upon the Internet. Building resilience in critical infrastructure is crucial to our national security. Week 5 will look at cybersecurity in relation to keeping our traffic lights, running water, phone lines, and other critical infrastructure secure. It also facilitates the transition to November’s Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Month (CISR), highlighting the tie between cybersecurity and our nation’s critical infrastructure.
Plans for National Cyber Security Awareness Month 2017 are already underway. Check this website in the coming months for more details and specific ways to get involved. Check out the NCSAM Resources page to see content from previous Awareness Months, including one pagers, blog posts, presidential proclamations, and more.

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