Wantrepreneur Radio Episode 002

Jim Deupree, President
ChapterTwo® Career Strategy Consulting

Being in the drivers seat for your career …. with a ten-year strategy …. aligned with your satisfaction and relevance …. then making it happen!

Our Clients want refreshing career options that make sense for them, and their families. They choose what to do next rather than just say yes or no to an opportunity presented by someone else, and they become part of a community of true peers whose only agenda is to help make their strategy a reality.
We are unique in a number of ways

Half of our Clients are confidentially planning ahead while in their current roles, to be ready when the timing is right. The other half are in transition.
Clients are exclusively senior leaders, and have different options and needs.
We engage 15 Personal Board Members with our Clients, first as a “been there, done that” source of peer wisdom to help Set Your Compass and then to augment your network with theirs.
Everyone in our ChapterTwo® community (Clients, Personal Board Members and others) are committed to Pay-It-Forward, creating a culture of trust and sincerity about helping others.
Triggers leading you to ChapterTwo® include:

You are ready for something new and different and want refreshing options
A life event has changed your priorities regarding work-life balance
You sense an increasing likelihood that your current role could end and just want a Plan B ahead of time
Your role has ended, and while you have a healthy impatience, you want to “get it right” for your next role
Discrete, Exclusive, Authentic, Effective!

ChapterTwo® is not for everyone. It is comprehensive and discrete, designed for proven leaders who have the resources and credentials to consider a broad array of options. We are authentic and have earned an expansive network built on paying it forward, integrity and caring. Our business is built on referrals from very satisfied Clients.

Howard Cattie, Founder and Head Coach
Career Oyster LLC Professional Career Coaching

Isha Edwards, Brand Marketing Consultant & Business Instructor
EPiC Measures, LLC

Wantrepreneur Radio Episode 002
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