Victoria Murray with OpenWorks and Jack Monson with Qiigo Franchise Business Radio

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Victoria Murray with OpenWorks and Jack Monson with Qiigo Franchise Business Radio

Victoria Murray, Regional Director

OpenWorks is a leading national commercial cleaning and facility services company established in Phoenix, Arizona in 1983.

With an enduring commitment to providing our customers with the best in class janitorial and facility services, OpenWorks is focused on initiatives that improve our customer’s results by consistently making their facilities cleaner, safer and healthier creating a more productive workplace for our customers.

Through our Franchise Owners and Preferred Partners, OpenWorks services more than 2500 facilities each day across the United States. We offer more than simple cleaning and maintenance – we help our customers fundamentally improve their work environment. Our services include: janitorial, landscape maintenance, pest control, handyman, supply management and more.

Topics to Discuss:
How do you describe the OpenWorks franchise to a prospective franchisee?
– What is the top 3 reasons someone should choose an OpenWorks franchise?
– What is your best advice for people to avoid some of the challenges that come with franchises?
What types of characteristics do you look for in a franchisee?
What is training/ a typical day like for OpenWorks franchisees?
What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs looking to buy a franchise?

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Jack Monson, Director of Digital Strategy

Specialties: Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Franchise Marketing, Social CRM, SMMS, SAAS, Strategic Planning, Corporate Communications, Public Speaking, Brand Journalism, Marketing & Sales Management, New Business Development, Public Relations, Radio, Broadcasting, Podcasting, Story Telling

Qiigo (key’ • go) Unlocking Your Digital Potential

Qiigo unifies digital marketing for national brands and their locations. Qiigo’s mission is to build brand unity and success by helping businesses get found locally. Through superior service and a comprehensive technology platform Qiigo solidifies relationships with clients and provides them with successful, measurable and manageable results. As a Digital Expert, Qiigo is always listening, making suggestions, and providing critical feedback for future success. With Qiigo, businesses can unlock their digital potential.

Topics to Discuss:
Social Media for Franchise Development

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