Two Under-Served Areas of the Insurance Marketplace on Buckhead Business Show

Two Under-Served Areas of the Insurance Marketplace on Buckhead Business Show

Buz McOmber
McOmber Insurance 
My family began in the insurance business in 1893 with my grandfather, Fred T. McOmber. He and my father built one of the largest independent insurance agencies in Michigan through their focus on honesty, great customer service, community involvement and making policy holders the center of everything they did. That’s the world I grew up in and those are the values I carry forward with me to this day. My business career in multiple industries over 45 years has as its foundation the desire to make my clients more effective, their businesses function more successfully and always doing the right thing on their behalf.

I have a degree in investment finance from Miami University (Ohio) and spent my first five years out of college as a Naval Officer serving shipboard out of Norfolk, VA and as base Supply Officer & Comptroller at the ammunition depot on Guam. I spent 28 years in the technology industry, working in large systems for IBM, followed by a role as a leader in a desktop systems integration and leasing firm and then finally as a sales leader managing relationships with Gartner, Inc.’s largest clients including GM, Sara Lee, Ford, Chrysler and Coca Cola.

I was driven to enter the “family business” by my desire to help those who struggle to find affordable health insurance as well as long term care insurance that makes financial sense. I take community involvement seriously having served on the inaugural Executive Board of the Brookhaven Chamber of Commerce, working on Habitat for Humanity home builds, and mission work in Tanzania.

My wife Kimberly & I have been married for 46 year and are the parents of three wonderful children and now enjoy six grandchildren.

Brief Description of Product or Service:
Focused on two under-served areas of the insurance marketplace:

1) Health coverage for the small/medium sized business (5 & up) and also those larger business where they have individuals who can’t afford the group plan offered by the employer. I also serve larger companies that are self-funded to help them manage there routine medical costs which fall straight to the bottom line.

2) The long term care market has been in disarray because of carriers leaving the market and large increases in premiums. I offer a hybrid life/long term care product from a large A+ rated company that provides 2x the face value of the underlying life policy for a price only slightly above what a life policy costs. It’s also guaranteed issue for groups of 5 employees & up – up to $100K ($200K LTC). This provides smaller companies with the ability to offer a benefit that few others do and for the average person who thought they couldn’t afford either life or long term care insurance to have both.

Our insurance products are excellent fits for the markets I have identified because they all struggle with offering affordable, accessible and simple to use health coverage. The hybrid Life/Long Term Care product addresses the shrinking number of providers and the many broken promises of affordable premiums to help people in their later years.

Topics to Discuss: 
State of both health ins mkt and Long Term Care mkt
Who we serve, why & how we add value
Why limited medical plans
Why hybrid Life/LTC
What sets us apart

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