The New Currency Show Episode 002


Tom McMurrain
The New Currency Show

Amazon Best Selling Author Tom McMurrain along with show host Rich Casanova

Tom is a ‘Disruptionista,’ meaning he thrives on business models that disrupt companies, industries and countries.

Speaking to audiences around the world he is known for his ability help people clearly understand what digital currency is and how people can make it part of their lifestyle.

As it relates to digital currency Tom coined the term The 7th Disruption where he creates an unequivocal argument for Bitcoin disrupting the trillion dollar behemoth known as the banking and finance industry.

He lives and breathes the ‘Coin Lifestyle’ and has a mission to help millions of people adopt to the future of internet currency.

Web site:

Phone:  561-571-2646


The New Currency is the buzz….businesses worldwide are beginning to accept bitcoin, to eliminate the hassles and transaction fees of banking and payroll services. Bit Coin, LightCoin, OneCoin, and EtherCoin, are leading the new currency evolution in businesses worldwide, like Lords of the Benefactors. Join us today with Amazon best selling author Tom McMurrain, and learn how you can use the latest in digital currency, to eliminate all the fees. How you can rework your employees in currency that actually appreciates in value. Open your businesses to the new currency community, and the future of payments. Bank fees, holds on your money, and hassles with payroll companies can be a thing of the past.

Maybe it’s time to check out the new currency show, and learn how you can leverage new digital currencies, like BitCoin, EtherCoin, OneCoin, and others. To eliminate bank fees, say goodbye to payroll services, and become your own bank. This is the mission of the new currency show, and it’s not impossible. Now we invite you to join Amazon best selling author Tom McMurrain along with your host Rich Casanova, and get connected with the future of payments.

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