The Business of Behavior in Today’s Cognitive Environment on Rich Hart Show

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 ➡ ➡ The Business of Behavior in Today’s Cognitive Environment on Rich Hart Show

Cindy Lynch Six-20 Partners and Bob Langley REL Leadership Group Interview on the Rich Hart Show

“The Business of Behavior in today’s Cognitive Environment”
Topic: The Business of People and Behavior in a world built around Process and Profitability… and why they are so crucial to the success of our business today when we’re talking about People, Profitability, Productivity, and Process…

A) Who is Cindy Lynch – Six-20 Partners…
Talent management is about generating profitable behaviors. I help my clients optimize profits by optimizing their human capital.

The brief version:
Abraham Lincoln said, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” Cindy’s formula for Success is A good plan + People who can execute. The key to execution is getting the right people in the right roles. When you hire the right people, and keep them motivated, they do the right things.

If you are really interested:
Cindy’s background in the realm of performance improvement, change dynamics and organizational development give her a unique perspective to help businesses improve their results. With 20+ years’ experience as an executive coach to employees and senior managers she has gained extensive experience in how to raise performance in individuals and teams to create long-term success and fulfillment. (AKA: Profits)

For fun:
Improv theater! Want to be a better speaker? Leader? Sales person? Learn improv theory. Need the best-ever team building activity? Improv! Need a cure for the blahs and general depression? Improv! Just need a good belly-laugh? Yep! It’s Improv!

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Who is Bob Langley – REL Leadership Group…

Bob Langley is the President of REL Leadership Group and President and CEO of Georgia Health & Fitness Club, LLC. He is also a Certified Instructor for The Pacific Institute in Seattle, Washington and Development Dimensions Inc. He’s involved with 2nd Genesis House and is one of the Founders of American Life Distribution, LLC, a manufacturer, designer and distributor of nutritional products. Also, he is a founding partner of Discovery Group Phoenix and an instructor for Leadership Dynamics Institute.

Bob is an entrepreneur and personal coach focused on improving business and individual leadership skills. He is the former Chief Learning Officer, Senior Vice-President of Training and Development, and President for the RTM Restaurant Group in Atlanta. Also, he served as President and COO of Winner’s International, Inc. and Partner/VP of Operations for WenConn. As CLO, he founded and developed the RTM Learning Center focusing on developing future leaders. He opened the first Regional Management Institute in Philadelphia for Wendy’s International.

Bob has worked with and coached numerous individuals and organizations on Leadership, Goal Setting, Employee Satisfaction and Retention, Teamwork and Business Development. Some of the companies he has worked with include: RTM Restaurant Group, Coca-Cola, Professional
Management Associates, Wendy’s International, JRG Technologies, Remax Realty, Kennesaw State University, TMX Finance, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Arby’s, Lee’s Famous Recipe, Arbonne International, Lightyear, Discovery Group Phoenix and Leadership Dynamics Institute to name a few.  Personal Leadership is a major focus of his professional life. He provides Keynote Speaking, one-on-one personal/professional coaching, corporate strategic planning, leadership development, and business success consulting. As a former franchisee of Gold’s Gym International, Bob also provides coaching in the area of Health and Fitness as a Personal Trainer and Peak Performance Coach specializing in sports conditioning, speed and strength training. He is known for his passion and commitment to continued learning and leadership growth.

Speaking and Coaching Topics:
Keys to Success
Personal Leadership
Goal Setting
S3 Employee Satisfaction/Retention
Executive Mentoring/Coaching
One-on-One Coaching
Life Success Planning
Behavioral; Interviewing
Team Building/Diversity
Developing Corporate Values/Culture
Emotional Intelligence
Personal Health and Fitness Training/Coaching

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1) Cindy:  What is a “Profitable Behavior”… Concept: (It Depends on how we keep score) and the realization that employers can’t do it  Objectively…

Bob: Once we have the right people… “Adapting People to the Process”

2) Job vs. People “If the Job could talk, what would it say”… are Employers Clear and Concise with their message according to responsibility… are the people the right fit for the responsibility…

3) How do we find the right people that foster a “Profitable Behavior” … Assessment Tools, Training Available, Development Process, Using Tools Properly, What is it that needs to be measured?

4) How do we keep “People” engaged, Those who Develop the Process and the Players involved in the process…
Development of Tools and Resources

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