The Real Meaning of Real Mentors Interview with Jim Dawson on the Rich Hart Show

 ➡  ➡ The Real Meaning of Real Mentors Interview with Jim Dawson on the Rich Hart Show

Jim Dawson / ADI Performance / ADI Marketing

Jim is the CEO of ADI Marketing, a B2B sales support business. For over two decades ADI Marketing has been placing salespeople in front of the decision makers they want to meet. Jim feels strongly that prospecting and selling require two different skill sets. In addition, wouldn’t you or your salespeople’s time be better spent in front of the decision maker rather than chasing them down?

ADI Marketing services have been used from Fortune 100 companies all the way to single entrepreneurs.

He is the author of “101 Speaking Nuggets” (2016), “101 Prospecting Nuggets” (2009) and co-author of “Real World Customer Service Strategies That Work” (2004) and has contributed to nearly 200 business and trade journals, including Job Training & Placement Report, Start Your Own Business, American Management Association, Balance Magazine, Association News, Business Credit, Connections Magazine, Insurance Insight, The Office Professional, The Customer-Service Advantage and Drake Business Review. Jim is the master facilitator ADI Performance, an executive
training division of ADI Marketing. Over the last thirty years Jim has dedicated himself to developing and delivering training that acts as a catalyst, unleashing individual potential. Crafting a message that engages and motivates individuals to think, and, when people think, behavioral change happens. Popular with many different audiences, Jim’s life-changing programs have been delivered to thousands of participants. He is a speaker, corporate trainer/facilitator, columnist and author.

Jim’s education:
 BS in Wildlife Biology from the University of Vermont, 1978.
 MBA in Informational Technology from Fairleigh Dickinson University, 1982.
 Certified Professional Development Trainer, The Chauncey Group International, Ltd. 1998
 Leadership Education: An Advanced Program for Trainers, Educators and Consultants – J F Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, Cambridge, MA ▪ May 2001

Jim served in the USMC and is a disabled combat veteran from Viet Nam. For as long has he can remember, he has been intrigued about the effectiveness of communications. In his opinion one of the most effective ways of practicing one’s communication skills is through “Improv.”

He is currently active in the following organizations:
 Georgia ForestWatch, Board Member
 Finnish American Chamber of Commerce, Past President
 Toastmasters International, Past District Governor for the State of Georgia, Rank #1 in the World under his leadership
 Southern Order of Storytellers & Roswell Ramble Cluster Group
 Roswell Photographic Society
 Chattahoochee Nature Center

Marketing… Your Website and How People can contact your team for services…
Topic:  The Real Meaning of Real Mentors in today’s Business World… and why they are so crucial to the success of our business today…


1) Why Mentors… the course of Successful People using Mentors and the realization that we can’t do it alone…

2) Differences between Mentors, Coaches, (Trainers, Instructors and Facilitators)

3) Who is the Right Person for the Job… and how we go about finding a mentor that will add to the value proposition of your Business and Professional Goals going forward.

ADI Performance and ADI MARKETING
1) ADI Performance- Provokes Thought and Enhances Personal Performance in Business… Explanation & Detail
2) ADI Marketing – Provides Decision Makers Axis to Business Opportunity … Explanation & Detail.


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