Pro Business Onsite – National Small Business Week 2016

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Catherine Downey, CATMEDIA
2016 Georgia Small Business Person of the Year

Founder and CEO Catherine Downey built her company around five core values: creativity, quality of products and services, exceptional customer service, innovation, and integrity. CATMEDIA has consistently applied these core values to meet the ever-changing needs of government and commercial clients in today’s fast-paced world. These principles are the foundation of our business, and of our project management approach. CATVIDEO became CATMEDIA in 2011 to better serve our client’s needs, and adapt to an ever-changing world of technologies.

We employ creativity to solve problems that help our clients succeed through program and human resource management, in the fields of training and creative services.

In 1986, founder and CEO Catherine Downey created Downey and Warren Advertising after years of media production and broadcast television experience. CATMEDIA was founded in 1997 as CATVIDEO. Downey, a single mom, started the firm using her experience in television production and media and project management, and built a thriving business while also caring for her young family. Her years of hard work and sacrifice paid off, and, with grown children now, Downey has redoubled her efforts to expand her firm to meet the ever-changing needs of federal and commercial clients in today’s fast-paced world.

In 2011, Downey changed the company name to CATMEDIA to reflect its expanding services. CATMEDIA has been recognized as a leader among government services contractors. True innovators, the firm is patent-pending on several training and communications technologies. In addition, it has twice been named to the Inc. 500 list of the fastest-growing private companies in America.


CATMEDIA specializes in Creative Services/Media Production, Program Management, Training, and Human Resource Management. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, we are process developers, communication strategists and information designers who combine creative thinking with appropriate technologies and professionals to create the tools and/or environment needed to successfully support our clients’ leadership, technologies, programs, and organizations.


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