Michael Hollingsworth Attorney, Son of an Entrepreneur and Now, Servant to Entrepreneurs

Michael Hollingsworth: Attorney, Son of an Entrepreneur and Now, Servant to Entrepreneurs

Michael Flock, of FLOCK Specialty Finance, speaks with Michael Hollingsworth of Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough. Hollingsworth shares his insights on being a “Trusted Advisor” for his clients by helping his clients avoid the traditional pitfalls and obstacles that present themselves during the deal making process through the use of his experience and common sense.

As co-head of the Mergers & Acquisitions and Investment Management Groups, Michael’s focus is on middle-market corporate transactions, including mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and joint ventures. He also serves on the firm’s Executive Committee, which is the governing body of seven partners who oversee the firm’s standing committees, strategic initiatives and operations.

He received a Master of Laws in Taxation from the University of Alabama School of Law, a JD from Samford University Cumberland School of Law, and a BA from Tulane University in Political Science. He serves on the board of trustees for the Woodruff Arts Center and The St. Andrew’s-Sewanee School, and is also a board member of the Tulane Fund.

Here is a glimpse of what Michael shared in the interview:

“Everyone can study and learn the law, but how to apply it…and number one, develop a relationship with a client so that you can help them.”

“Law firms are either on the same side of the table as their client or they’re on the opposite side of the table”

“Clients hire lawyers, not law firms.”

“Life is a gift, and when you think of life as a gift, then it changes your outlook on even the worst days.”

Connect with Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough visit:  www.nelsonmullins.com

Connect with Michael Hollingsworth visit:   www.linkedin.com/in/michael-hollingsworth-1553b94/

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