LearningRx, High Achievers and WaterStation Technology on Franchise Business Radio

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LearningRx, High Achievers and WaterStation Technology on Franchise Business Radio

Tanya Mitchell
Chief Research and Development Officer

I have spent the last 20 years educating and training 1000’s of professionals on how to improve learning and processing through personal one on one brain training.

I head sales development for LearningRx, BrainRx, and PACE. We currently have over 80 locations in the US, over 250 PACE licensees, and BrainRx, our international license is in over 40 countries. Our Gibson test is now translated in 15 languages. We are very excited to help people all over the world!

Specialties: Coauthor of “Unlock the Einstein Inside”, Brain Training Program Developer, Research Coordinator, Presenter on brain training and business development and franchise recruitment. Sales, Public Relations, Program Development, Seminar Presentations, Webinars, CFE, certified franchise executive.

Brief Description of Your Product or Service:
LearningRx specializes in one-on-one brain training franchised centers and license opportunities. With more than 80 LearningRx centers and over 300 licensed locations around the world, clients of all ages work face-to-face with their own personal brain trainers, doing intense (but fun) mental exercises and drills that improve cognitive skills.

Cognitive skills are the core skills the brain uses to think, read, learn, remember, reason, and pay attention, and are also the abilities that determine IQ. Our clients include children and adults with learning disabilities, dyslexia, ADHD, autism, PDD, ODD, Asperger’s, and TBI. Since its inception in 2001, LearningRx has helped thousands of people experience the benefits of stronger cognitive performance.

We call it brain training. Our clients call it life changing.

Topics to Discuss:
Story, services, brain training industry

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Beth Ardell
LearningRx Atlanta-Buckhead 

LearningRx provides one-on-one brain training to strengthen the core cognitive skills the brain uses to think, read and learn. This life-changing program improves cognitive performance for students of all ages, and it even raises IQ scores by an average of 15 standard points.

Topics to Discuss:
My story, case studies, clients we serve, research

Web Site / Linkedin / Social Media Links:

Susie McDaniel
LearningRX Atlanta-Buckhead & LearningRx Alpharetta-Johns Creek

LearningRx brain training centers provide cognitive skills training that empowers anyone of any age to learn faster and easier. Tutoring and other programs reinforce WHAT students must learn (information). LearningRx brain training centers identify and strengthen the skills behind HOW students learn. We provide testing and life-changing training for students of all ages who desire to learn easier, think faster and perform better.

Topics to Discuss:
My story, case studies, clients we serve, research

Web Site / Linkedin / Social Media Links:

Kimberly Alexander
Chief Technology Officer and Partner
High Achievers® 

I have been an entrepreneur and small business owner for 24 years. I have owned and operated several businesses over the years and love the economic and social impact a small business can have on a community. In the last several years I was an owner of a regional company that had customers across multiple states. In 2016 we decided to sell that business and put our full effort into High Achievers®.

Today I am Chief Technology Officer and Partner of High Achievers. I am responsible for our technology platforms for our members, Coaching Platform, SaaS, and everything else that makes High Achievers technology wheel keep moving toward success. I am proud of being a veteran of the Army Reserves. Today I still use the discipline and tenacity I learned there to bring success to my projects now. I serve on PTSA Executive Boards and Foundation Boards of my children’s middle and high school. I love to volunteer and help others in her community.

Brief Description of Your Product or Service:
If you are a current business coach, expert networker, or an entrepreneur with a passion for helping business owners get to the next level, we have an excellent opportunity for you. We are opening groups across the globe and are seeking partners that want a turnkey opportunity that will make an impact in their local business community.

Topics to Discuss:
1. There are a lot of business coaching, consultants, and business trainers out there, what makes High Achievers different?
2. When I scroll through the coaching staff I notice that they all have a “Why” listed, what is that about?
3. When looking through your website I saw that you have something called ABLE learning, What is that?
4. So we have poked around at what you are doing a little tell me what do you, and your franchise owners provide your members?
5. What is Lifestyle of Achievement Global Summit?
6. So I saw one page on the site and a video about something called the No Coach Principle, what is that? Because it sounds funny coming from a coaching company.

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Dick Humphrey
WaterStation Technology 

Brief Description of Your Product or Service:
Design and Manufacture self-serve water vending machines that are both planet friendly and human healthy

Topics to Discuss:
Problems: Drinking water contamination, pollution of plastic water bottles, recycling costs
Solutions: How products address problems

Web Site / Linkedin / Social Media Links:


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