Jeff Plank of HLB Gross Collins Talks Profit Enhancement, Tech Start-ups, Mindshop and More

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Jeff  Plank of HLB Gross Collins Talks Profit Enhancement, Tech Start-ups, Mindshop and More

Jeffrey Plank, Director of Consulting Services
HLB Gross Collins

Jeff has been with HLB Gross Collins for 14 years and is their Director of Consulting Services.

HLB Gross Collins is a full service Certified Public Accounting and Consulting firm provides traditional accounting & audit services and specialized technical guidance for international tax, estate, and business consulting.

Jeff graduated with an MBA from University of Chicago Booth School of Business and perhaps even more notable, he is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point.

Jeff manages HLB Gross Collins’ advisory services, which include services such as; profit enhancement, business transition planning, litigation support, valuation services and internal control engagements.

Jeff focusses on adding value to his clients. He does this by looking at all the pieces of the current and future financial landscape. He looks to maximize opportunities and avoid pitfalls that are at each stage of his clients’ business lifecycle.

Jeff is an expert in internal controls and IT assurance and risk management and a Certified Mindshop Facilitator. Jeff, you have us interested to know what that is, Mindshop is a global provider of strategic and personal development solutions for business leaders and advisors.

Jeff has held senior management positions for operations & finance with companies in an array of industries in Fortune 500 companies, small & midsize firms including technology start-ups.

Jeff’s background has given him expertise for how companies large and small have managed the Touch Points for developing business from Insight Analytics to crafting a Marketing & Sales Outreach Plans.

Topics to Discuss:
Profit enhancement
Business transition planning
Litigation support
Valuation services
Internal control engagements

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