Introducing the Rich Hart Show

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Introducing The Rich Hart Show!

To nominate or submit requests to be a guest on an upcoming episode  CLICK HERE


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Rich Hart Show Intro/Overview

On this short overview Rich Hart talks about the mission, topics, types of guests and content and the 12 areas and topics to be covered during the course of the show series.

Premise of the Show… Take you to the next level of Business Dynamics Development

Story, Content Humor and Entertainment form today’s Industry Giants and Specialists

Skills, Knowledge, Tools & Resources of today’s Advance Business Strategist, the foremost of Knowledge and Expertise

My connections are not only associated as an International Business Developer, International Real Estate Broker, Financial & People Services as an International Motivational & Inspirational speaker and presenter, but direct associations with WFG, World Financial Group, Wealthwave, Trans-America, Nationwide, National Association of REALTORS, REBI- Real Estate Business Institute, IMLS- International MLS, Moneycorp, Perdictive Index

I have been blessed in many ways in my life I felt it was very important to bring this to the fore-front for today’s corporate, entrepreneur, seasoned to novice business interests wanting to stake their claim to the riches and glories
for themselves.

We’ll be diving into Forums & Topics of many areas…

Business Dynamics, Business Planning, Strategy Planning, Market Planning, Generational Planning, Financial Planning, Exit Planning and more.

1 – Real Estate- Both on a National & International Perspective working with the top movers and shakers property and Real Estate Investments and Opportunities for all generations as the Millennials are now grasping for the future and the push of Planning

2 – Finance & Financial Services- the object of “How Money Really Works” and how to look and the long term and short term of Capital Gains based upon emerging markets, economy.

3 – People Development- The Strong, The Qualified, The Workforce, The Experienced, The Knowledgeable, The one’s being forced out with the fight between Operational Cost & LongTerm Experience

4 – Coaches, Mentors & Mentorship Programs, and reaching beyond the borders of working with other to enhance skill sets and resources

5 – Music, Health & Fitness and Sports – The impacts that it has on ones life

6 – YOUR SOCIAL WORLD Where do we take it, how do we work with it, how do we use it for the great benefit & Leverage of our Business Direction

7 – Your Faith (Spiritual Faith) of Business and you as a Leader. Many Spiritual Leaders are heading down the roads of Leadership Development and Faith Vs Finance

8 – Manufacturing and Distribution/ Supply worlds and the movement of products and services across the great divide Both Nationally & Internationally, Such as the BIG “A” Amazon

9 – Education and how the product plays in today’s ever-growing and ever competitive marketplace

10 – IT and Technology and the wave of advances that some grasp while others run in the complete opposite direction, TO BE MOBILE READY in The New Age of Communication.  The Purchase and Exchange of Products and Services. I have to tell you, I have never purchased so many diverse products through online services in the age of the big box and the longevity as purchasing habits change from Baby Boomer to Millennial

Exciting Announcements…

11 – RUUMS Mobile Studio, We’re bringing Radio and Video to You

12 – Rich Hart Foundation, Focus on Families in Crises. Teaming up with some heavy hitters to make a bigger dent in the crazies that crises lead us into Fires to Floods and everything in between. There are some great people doing some great work. We just want to contribute to the program of Patients, Peace & Persistence.

A big thank you to Debbie and Jennifer here with me in the Studio who are my anchors in the efforts of the Productions and Programs of this Rich Hart World.

More about the show, host and sponsors:

Show Host:  Rich Hart

Rich Hart Show Mission: “Bringing the World of Business Closer to You.”

Format: Business Talk with In Studio Guests! Interviewing Real Estate & Finance Thought Leaders.
Broadcasting LIVE from Pro Business Channel Studios in Atlanta

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Recent Photos Of Rich Hart In The Pro Business Studios

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