Franchise Business Radio – Interviews Franchise Gator and TAB The Alternative Board

Franchise Business Radio – Interviews Franchise Gator and TAB The Alternative Board

Franchise Gator

Eric Bell – General Manager

Franchise Gator is a website that helps match franchisors with those interested in business ownership. Our goal is to be a one-stop shop during step #1 of someone’s search, complete with hundreds of opportunities to browse through as well as consultative articles, buyer’s guides, and insight from industry leaders on how to make an informed decision.

Topics to Discuss:
How to know if business ownership is right for you?
How to know if franchising is the right path vs owning your own business.
Benefits of franchising.
What types of franchises are out there that are not obvious.

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The Alternative Board (TAB, Central Atlanta)

Larry Duckworth

Larry is a 35+ years serial C-level executive of private and public companies, has taught leadership at three universities and for GE Equity, has an MBA (Beta Gamma Sigma National Business Honorary), is an active business consultant and executive coach, and is a decorated U.S. Army veteran.

He has authored the stop you in your tracks Primordial Leadership© book
(at and

Also in 2015 he authored six expanding Amazon ebooks: B2B Marketing, B2B Sales Management, B2B Selling, Strategic Transformation, Change Management, and Women Leaders. All introduce powerful, proven, new art Neuroscience findings to better leverage core people behavior ( at the forefront of the next trend in executive leadership development, for motivating all of employees, prospects, customers and partners). PDFs of the ebooks and eight best practices self-checklists are at

Topics to Discuss:
How TAB helps owners, Presidents, CEOs to better grow their business.
How TAB helps the business better contribute to personal goals.

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Social Joey

Name and Title of Person Interviewed:
Mike McDowell, GM

 Mike McDowell (L) Ken Douglas (R)

Mike McDowell is the General Manager of Social Joey, a social media marketing company, based just outside of Chattanooga, TN. He began his career in marketing with his family’s construction business during college, and has been working in the space ever since.

Mike was recruited by the Social Joey team during the development stage of the company due to his success and expertise in targeted advertising through social media, and has worked to develop the processes, and software that the company currently uses to run their day to day operations. Since inception in 2015 Social Joey has now grown to be one of the largest social media marketing firms in TN and has become a certified supplier of the International Franchise Association because of their work with Franchise companies across the U.S.

Before Social Joey, Mike was the Director of Marketing for the Teachers Credit Union where he implemented a social media marketing program that accounted for over 50 million dollars in new mortgage loans in six months and a 50% increase in direct deposit memberships.

Mike and his wife Megan live in Cleveland, TN and have one daughter who is 5 months old.


Why social media?
What happening in social media?
How does a business win on social media?
More to be submitted if we are selected for a show

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