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Frequently Asked Questions From Guests

Q 1:   Are interviews in studio or over the phone?
A:      Interviews are in-person in our studio.

Q 2:   How long is the show and how early should I arrive?
A:   Shows are 30-45 minutes. Please arrive at least 20 minutes EARLY for sound checks and pre-show prep. Guests arriving after we’re on-air will not able to join the show.

Q 3:   Will I be the only guest interviewed?
A:   There will most likely be other guests on the show. However, each guest will have their own interview segment.

Q 4:  What kinds of questions will I be asked?
A:  You supply questions/topics you would like to discuss. This helps ensure we meet your objectives for your appearance, and you come away with a tool to provide maximum post-show viral marketing for you.

Q 5:  Will there be any “surprise” questions?
A:   No, we are not 60 minutes, so no “gotcha” questions.  We are unabashedly Pro Business!

Q 6:  Is there a cost to be on the show?
A:  No, we are earned media and guests are by invitation only. Think PBS for business, commercial free and never charge guests to tell their story.

Q 7:  Who is the Pro Business Channel Audience?
A:  Our audience varies from Start-ups to Business Icons and Industry leaders. We share their innovative ideas and inspiring stories in a conversational format to an engaged business audience.  Shows are syndicated across our media partners and alliance platforms. The content is then re-purposed via podcasts, audio downloads, social media etc. as well as on the PBC network, currently with more than 500,000 active downloads.  To view a few of these channels, current downloads, replays etc. click on the “Audience Tab” on the home page.

Q 8:  Where is the Atlanta studio located, contact info etc.?
A:  Click on the “About Us” tab to view our building location, social media, etc.

Q 9:  Are the shows live or recorded and how do people listen?
A:  Shows are LIVE in-studio.
Listen Live:  Click “Play” on the “LISTEN LIVE!” tab.
Listen On-Demand: See the “Shows” tab then choose episodes to play or download.

Q 10:  What attire do you recommend?
A:  No formal dress code, whatever you typically wear for your profession.

Q 11:  When and how can I listen and download episodes?
A:  Shows are posted here on the site generally one week following the live broadcast and later via our syndicated platforms based on post-production scheduling and studio show loads etc.

Q 12:  Where can I view photos from the show?
A:  Show photos are available for free download via:  
www.ProBusinessPictures.com just select the show name/album to download and share via social media, your web site etc.

Q 13:  Are there restrictions on downloading and sharing the show?
A:  Interviews and photos can be shared and re-purposed without restriction, allowing you to  “Convert Your Conversation to Content”, share with your network and promote your business!

10 Ways to Leverage YOUR Interview on the Pro Business Channel:

1. Post to your online profiles (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.)
2. Share in your company Newsletter.
3. Send an e-mail blast to your company’s Mailing List.
4. Feature on your blog post or on industry blogs.
5. Transcribe to submit as an article for Trade Magazines.
6. Issue a Press Release.
7. Add a link to your Bio Page on your website or as a link in your E-mail Signature.
8. Copy your interview on a CD or Thumb Drive to share with clients.
9. Create an Audio FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) List.
10. Share link with prospects to offer solutions.

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Still Have a Question, Not Answered Here?

Feel free to contact us via the “Contact Us” tab.