Planning Successfully – The Do’s and Don’ts of Selling Your Business

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Planning Successfully – The Do’s and Don’ts of Selling Your Business

Interview with Rett Peaden
Shareholder with Davis, Matthews & Quigley, P.C
Mergers & Acquisitions; Business Law; Taxation; Estate Planning & Wealth Management

Who buys businesses?

Strategic Buyers – Want to grow their business and/or remove a competitor

Financial Buyers – Want to make a business more profitable and sell it again within short period

Management/Employees – Have good knowledge of business and vested reason for its success

Family – May have personal as well as financial reasons to buy business
What are the roles of advisors?

Pre-Sale Consultants – help you position your business to sell

Appraisers – help you determine what your business is worth

Accountants – help you keep your books in order and offer independent financial advice during
the sale process

Business Brokers/Investment Bankers – help you market your business and realize maximum
value; may advise you and shepherd you through the sales process

Attorneys – help you structure your business before a sale and evaluate and draft legal
agreements related to the sale; may advise and shepherd you through the sales process
What types of transactions are there?

Sellers typically prefer stock sales for tax and non-tax reasons. Selling stock usually means
paying tax at long-term capital gains rates. Liabilities of the business pass along with the stock of
the business.

Buyers typically prefer asset sales for tax and non-tax reasons. Buying assets allows the buyer to
depreciate the purchased assets thereby realizing a long-term tax benefit. A buyer can cherry pick
assets and liabilities in the asset sale and does not have to take the bad along with the good.

More about our guest Rett Peaden:

Rett’s practice focuses on helping the owners of closely-held businesses and professional services firms exit their businesses, whether that involves selling the business or transferring it to the next generation. Getting a business onto a solid footing with regard to succession planning is essential, and Rett is well-versed in sophisticated tax strategies and entity structuring techniques that may be needed. He will also advise on and guide clients through strategic acquisitions to grow their own businesses. Rett regularly counsels clients on corporate, partnership, and related tax-planning matters, including the negotiation and preparation of mergers and acquisitions agreements, the drafting of shareholders agreements, the formation of limited partnerships and limited liability companies, the structuring of inbound investment opportunities for foreign nationals, the creation and operation of private foundations and public charities, and the review and drafting of executive compensation agreements. In connection with advising the owners of closely-held businesses, Rett has developed a particular interest in the taxation of pass-through entities such as S-Corporations, partnerships, and trusts.

Preserving legacy. The estate planning side of the practice, often done for the owners of closely held businesses, is highly personal, involving an individual’s legacy and the achievements of a lifetime. Rett’s purpose is to help his clients prepare for the future, provide for their families, and accomplish their long-term personal and charitable goals. In doing so, he works to develop plans that are well thought out and emphasize preserving wealth from unnecessary taxes and unanticipated risks. He knows how to take family dynamics into account, and draws insights from his work in business exit-planning and trust and estate administration to help families plan with foresight to avoid problems that could happen later on. Rett is often called upon by other professionals to advise them on the complicated income and transfer tax issues that can arise in the context of trusts and estates. On the trust and estate administration side of the practice, Rett works in both contested and uncontested matters. He assists survivors in managing their inherited wealth, and often continues to serve their families and family businesses as a trusted advisor on the basis of the confidence he inspires in them.

“I want to help my clients achieve their goals and attain the best possible results given their unique circumstances.” – Rett Peaden

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More about the show host:
Matthew Thiry
Shareholder with Davis, Matthews & Quigley, P.C
Business Litigation; Fiduciary Litigation; Business Law; Arbitrator and Mediator Services

Guiding the best business decisions. Matt Thiry understands that lawsuits are a disruption to his clients’ day-to-day affairs, and require the redirection of time and resources. In his practice, Matt strives to help clients minimize—or avoid—these disruptions. As a result of Matt’s sound legal advice as to the best available options to manage their disputes, Matt’s clients are able to better determine the course that most closely meets their goals. He consistently and aggressively represents his clients’ interests both inside and outside of the courtroom.

Competent, thorough, respected. Matt represents businesses of all sizes, as well as business owners, families, and individuals, in various types of litigation, including disputes related to contracts, construction, business torts, real estate, probate and fiduciary disputes. He also serves clients in matters such as the review, negotiation and drafting of contracts, provides advice to existing businesses and start-ups regarding legal issues, and assists clients in the formation of business entities. Prior to becoming an attorney, Matt’s background included computer programming and related experience in the technology field, as well as operating small businesses. This additional experience provides Matt with valuable insight into the issues that his clients encounter. With an approach that strives to understand his clients’ business or situation and apply first-rate problem-solving skills, Matt is driven by results: achieving the best possible outcome with the least amount of disruption to his clients.

Arbitrator and Mediator Services. In addition to representing clients in arbitration and mediation, Matt is also registered as an arbitrator and general civil mediator with the Georgia Supreme Court Commission on Dispute Resolution. Matt’s strong litigation background (including mediation, trial and appellate practice, and arbitration experience), combined with the training required in order to be a registered arbitrator and general civil mediator, ideally situate Matt to assist others resolve their disputes either through mediation or arbitration.

“I am driven by results. I want to achieve my client’s goals as quickly and efficiently as possible, and do so in a way that’s professional and ethical.” – Matt Thiry

Web site:


As the host of DMQ’s radio show, Planning Successfully, Matt and his guests discuss topics of interest relating to start-up businesses, existing businesses, business owners, and business executives. Learn more and listen to prior episodes on DMQ’s Planning Successfully page or by visiting

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