Marketing Automation Talk – @SpringBot @MarketWake @IBMWatson

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Marketing Automation Talk – @SpringBot @MarketWake @IBMWatson

Company or Product Name:

Name and Title of Person to be Interviewed:
Joe Reger, co-founder and CTO

Guest BIO:
Startup guy. Entrepreneur. Passionate for predictive analytics technology and machine learning algorithms. Interested in that magical place where technology impacts humanity.

At Springbot we use technology to help small and medium sized businesses grow. Every day we see real people impacted by crazy smart algorithms and mountains of cloud computing power. It’s very fulfilling.

Recovering endurance sport addict. Husband. Father of three wonderful kiddos.
Topics/Questions to Discuss:
What makes marketing automation so difficult for small to medium sized eCommerce merchants?
What are trends in marketing for eCommerce?
What are 3 tips to help merchants preparing for the upcoming holiday season?
We hear a lot about social media and time spent on Facebook, Instagram — how does that play into marketing automation?
What are key data and insights that merchants need to be successful in making marketing decisions?
Web Site and Social Media Links:
Twitter: @springbot
Instagram: @springbots
Snapchat: @springbot

Company or Product Name:
Market Wake

Name and Title of Person to be Interviewed:
Maddie Richardson

Guest BIO:
Maddie is the CEO and Co-Founder of Marketwake, a metrics driven digital marketing agency here in the city of Atlanta. She comes from and has had a strong voice in the world of strategic graphic and web design working with major brands like West Elm, Patron, JustFab and Intel. Over the course of her career, she has led multiple creative and strategic teams working in digital playgrounds across many platforms, with an overarching philosophy: To make good work. Work that helps businesses tell their story, and moves consumers to action.

She lives and plays in SW Atlanta’s Adair Park neighborhood with her talented bartender husband and 1.5 year old son.
Topics/Questions to Discuss:
What is the most common reason your customers come looking for a solution like Marketwake?

There is a lot of buzz around marketing automation – when to do it, how to do it, the best tools to do it – What are the top 5 things every company should know when they’re looking to implement some type of marketing automation?

You’ve got an extensive background in design, how does that play into Marketwake’s approach to digital marketing and automation specifically?

Circling back to this metrics-driven creative idea… What are the most important metrics or benchmarks you use to gauge marketing success?

What’s next in automation?
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Company or Product Name:
IBM Watson

Name and Title of Person to be Interviewed:
Rachel Orston | Vice President – Client Advocacy, Watson & Solutions Portfolio

Guest BIO:
Responsible for leading SaaS growth and Customer Success across Watson, Watson Health and IBM’s Solutions portfolio (Commerce, Security, Social and IOT)

Before that, responsible for creating, marketing and successfully delivering solutions that enable our customers to be wildly confident using the IBM Marketing Cloud. Responsible for the world-wide solutions delivery teams as well as the go-to-market strategy for marketing cloud services and apps.
Topics/Questions to Discuss:
So what is Watson?
How can people use it for marketing automation? Any interesting potential or existing use cases?
What do they need to do to start using it?
How much does it cost?
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