Kids Business Radio Episode 10

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Kids Business Radio Episode 10

Dr. Rhonda
iNSPIRE Entrepreneurs LLC

Guest BIO:
Dr. Rhonda Anderson is a Life Transition Strategist and the President/CEO of A Scholars Touch, LLC. She specializes in Life, Education, and Business coaching. Dr. Rhonda serves youth (ages 12-21), adults, and entrepreneurs with obtaining success both personally and professionally. She has coached clients both nationally and internationally in group settings and individually. In addition, she is the co-founder of iNSPIRE Entrepreneurs and is the co-host of a web series called Changing Lives 365. Dr. Rhonda is also a published author and blogger.

-iNSPIRE Entrepreneurs
-Our Services
-Our Book The Quick & Dirty Guide To Entrepreneurship
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Twitter: iNSPIRE4Growth
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Coach Kurinn Wright
iNSPIRE Entrepreneurs: Business Coaching

Guest BIO:
Coach Kurinn Wright is the CEO & founder of KWrightCoaching specializing in Life coaching, helping people make informed decisions about their lifestyle and goals. With a Bachelors of Arts degree in Human Resource Management, and over 13 years of experience in higher education, her expertise is in goal setting, strategic planning, personal development, motivational speaking, and mentoring youth and young adults. As it relates to youth, Coach Wright conducts workshops that promote self-esteem, personal development, teamwork, and growth. These workshops are offered to assist the next generation with both social and soft skills in an effort to enhance their critical thinking, and prepare them for real-world experiences. Coach Wright also provides author coaching and is the co-founder of iNSPIRE Entrepreneurs, a business coaching and consulting company. She currently serves as the Life Empowerment Specialist at The Impact Center of Atlanta, and co-star of Changing Lives 365.

The Quick And Dirty Guide To Entrepreneurship
Operation Start-Up Nation
The Importance of goal setting

Alexia Minter
Miniature Chefs

Guest BIO:
Alexia Minter is the founder of Miniature Chefs. She has always loved to cook. After taking several cooking classes, Alexia realized that she would really enjoy teaching others to cook as well. With HOPE Business In A Box Academies, Alexia learned how to structure her passion for cooking into a viable business. Miniature Chefs goes beyond frosting cupcakes and spreading pepperoni on pizza dough. The cooking parties incorporate kitchen safety, table etiquette, and even basic pastry decorating. Through her love for cooking, Alexia plans to inspire future chefs for generations to come.

The challenges of young women in entrepreneurship and the importance of mentorship.

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