International Business Radio Episode 004

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International Business Radio Episode 004

Welcome to the fourth episode of International Business Radio! Our guest this week is Segun J. Adesanya part of Sanya Airways based in Atlanta’s own Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. With a focus on increasing trade between America and Africa, Sanya Airways imports and exports cargo from Atlanta, Nigeria, Ghana, and even Germany. The company started only two years ago, but Segun himself has spent most of his career in the aviation business and has his own pilot’s license.  The company normally operates with ‘normal’ consumer products, but be on the lookout downtown for a giraffe! As Segun recounts having once transported one to Atlanta.

The mission for him is to increase awareness of the viability of the African market. He wants to increase the community feel between American and Africa, so it no longer feels like a far off world. As he tells it, Sanya Airways has a number of regular clients and can transport up to 45 tons per trip! If you’re a manufacturer thinking about expanding into the African market look to Sanya Airways to transport your products. They can offer competitive rates and they have many services to offer their clients. Segun is looking to expand the number of countries, and cities in Africa he transports cargo to and along the way acquire more planes. A Sanya Airways fleet may be on the horizon because Segun is looking to put Sanya on the map as the number one international air freight company in Atlanta.

About our guest:

Segun J. Adesanya
Segun at the Pro Business Channel studio recording his interview on  June 1st. 

Segun J. Adesanya, Chief Operating Officer 

Sanya Air Cargo

Check out their site @:

or give them a call @: 1 (866)-922-4060







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