International Business Radio Episode 002

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Dirk Ebener, CEO of Global CIF

Dirk Ebener has an extensive background in international business and management. He is the CEO of Global CIF, an Atlanta based global consulting firm that works with small and medium sized businesses that are expanding their business into domestic and international markets. Global CIF is currently working with clients Southeast Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the USA. Global CIF also offers cross-cultural and corporate training and workshops, trade show and conference management, and international marketing solutions.
Twitter – @globalcif
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Louise Fortin, Director of the Québec Trade Office

Louise has been working for the Québec Government for the past 18 years. She is responsible for promoting trade relations between Québec and the 11 southern states that she covers.


Emile Paradis, Founder of Global Network ATL

Emile is the Managing Partner of RPM Advisors and is a franchise owner of the Referral Institute.

Executive Director of Fast Forward Restart, a nonprofit organization devoted to community recovery through small business success. Project areas have included New Orleans, LA; Livonia, MI and Rumford, ME.

Emiles life combines his experiences as a marine, forester, financial advisor, and director of a nonprofit, to bring a unique perspective to marketing and sales. This experience has led to the creation of Global Network ATL, an initiative to assist businesses in developing international opportunities. Present projects include business opportunities in Ecuador, South Africa, and Ireland.


Rony Delgarde, Founder of Global Paint for Charity

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