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Why Should I Be A Guest?

Pro Business Channel is a place where business owners and entrepreneurs come and talk about their business in a non-threatening environment and leave with a highly valuable audio file talking passionately about their business. You will never be charged to be a guest on any of our shows and offers content syndication to a variety of the top social media and audio/video channels. A sample of shows include Atlanta Legal Experts (ALE), Co-Founders Podcast, and Georgia Business Radio. (Full List) These shows attract some of the top business leaders locally and nationally, from Georgia’s Attorney General to the U.S. SBA administrator.

Pro Business Channel gives businesses the opportunity to create content in a 30 minute show, within one of our 16 show types, that can be repurposed and used for content marketing strategies which remain evergreen. Guests will receive a document on how to use the audio file provided for the most leverage. Content is king in marketing and in order to stay relevant businesses need to continually be in front of their audience wherever they are hanging out.

So come be a guest and convert your conversation to content!