Georgia Business Radio Episode 038

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Andrew Lundstrom, Cofounder

Guest BIO:
Andrew Lundstrom’s diverse background has molded him into a business development guru, where he has an innate ability to take visions and turn them into reality by virtue of creative problem solving. Scaling sales and bringing in revenue for startup companies is one of his deepest passions: the chance to make a HUGE difference on the day-to-day basis.

He is the Sales Lead for festivals and events for Walkabout, a digital event mapping software company.

How mapping is growing as a marketing tool, from Google my Business to Eventbrite’s recent partnership with MapJam.

Web Site and Social Media:

Sonia Lakhany, Managing Attorney
Lakhany Law, PC

Guest BIO:
Sonia Lakhany is a trademark lawyer at Lakhany Law, PC, her own intellectual property firm with offices in Atlanta and Los Angeles. In addition to her law practice, Sonia is an instructor at the Trademark Institute of Training and an Expert Blogger for the Solopreneur School, an online forum designed for small business owners to navigate startup issues.

Over the course of her career, Sonia has helped numerous startups and small- and medium-sized businesses secure trademark protection for their names, logos, and tag lines. Her work has been recognized and featured in numerous magazine and news articles, as well as on radio and television programs. Most recently, she was awarded Best Personal Brand of 2015 by the Technology Association of Georgia and a “2015 Influential Insider” by Atlanta’s Jezebel Magazine.

Topics/Questionsto Discuss:
-What exactly I do as a trademark lawyer
-Why it’s important for business owners
-Explain my Twitter handle/branding
-How I got started and built my law firm

Web Site and Social Media:
Twitter and Instagram: @LadyLanhamEsq

Georgia Business Radio hosted by:
Rich Casanova

Interviewing industry leaders throughout Georgia each week live from the Pro Business Channel studios in Atlanta.

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