Georgia Business Radio Episode 036

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Ram Gopalakrishnan CEO​
Bricz-Supply Chain Services Provider

Guest BIO:
Ram is a results-oriented supply chain leader and has helped Fortune 500 companies with supply chain strategy and technology decisions for the last 10 years. He played leadership roles at Manhattan Associates to implement multiple large scale warehouse management systems projects. Subsequently, he played the role of a chief architect of supply chain systems at Petco and currently runs the Bricz organization. Under his leadership, Bricz has grown to be the preferred boutique consulting firm for supply chain systems implementations. Ram lives in Atlanta and loves traveling and playing any sport with a racket.

1.Tell me about your background and what you do?
2.Atlanta is rapidly becoming the supply chain hub- Can you share more insight on supply chain and how Bricz fits in the scheme of things?
3.It appears there are quite a number of options for supply chain service providers. Why Bricz?
4.Tell me more about your team?
5.What are some services Bricz provides for clients?
6.Describe some common supply chain issues companies’ face that can impede their success and how Bricz can help?
7.What are key areas companies should focus on to improve their supply chain in today’s competitive market?
8.System Options for Fulfillment-WMS, WMC, WES. What do they mean to a customer?
Extra Questions if time allows
9.Can you share your details about your methodology for complex supply chain implementations?
10.For people interested in working for Bricz, what do you look for in a candidate?

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David Wiley, Agency Manager​
(Health, Life, Medicare, Long Term Care Insurance)

Guest BIO:
Native Atlantan, 17 plus years meeting the needs of clients. Graduate of UGA and an active member of several community and ancestral organizations. Actively involved in educating clients to The Affordable Care Act and in helping Medicare beneficiaries maximize their benefits.

Understanding “ObamaCare”.
How to fully protect one’s family.
Trends in Group Health Insurance.
Importance of using an agent.

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Christian Ross – COO & Founder​
Valore Real Estate Partners, LLC – Real Estate Developer

Guest BIO:
Christian is the Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Valore Real Estate Partners, LLC. Christian founded Valore to be disruptive in the commercial real estate industry – the tenant and the landlord working together to put more money and control in the tenant’s pocket. A licenced attorney in both Georgia and Florida, Christian currently manages all client procurement, legal review, property acquisitions, asset and financial management, and investor relations for Valore.

(1) New company Valore – what it is and how it is a game-changer.
(2) Who we are helping and who we work with.
(3) other industries where we are also present.

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Rich Casanova

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