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At The Pro Business Channel we’re “Converting Conversations to Content!” and then help business professionals “Convert Content to Cash-flow!”

If you’re here asking about “listener-ship” remember the Pro Business Channel is not traditional “car radio” and does not sell advertising in fact we intentionally removed the word ‘radio‘ from our brand to make the distinction.  We are a “channel for content” so our value proposition is very different.  Anyone in radio can tell you the only reason to quote number of listeners is to charge more for commercial ad spots and remember we don’t sell advertising!!  We offer a unique opportunity for business professionals to be guests in the studio, tell their story thereby creating content across multiple platforms and in syndication. (see partial list below)

Having said that, as of this posting we’re currently over 1/4 Million active downloads to an engaged business audience, content on demand and counting…

The Pro Business Shows not only streams live in real time but more importantly has no ‘shelf life limitations’ and remains evergreen content to be downloaded, shared and re-played on-demand.

Interviewing industry leaders with innovative ideas and inspiring stories with a pro-business perspective and a long-form interview format to an engaged business audience.  Guests don’t have to worry about being ambushed or talking in “sound bites” but rather have time to tell their whole story and share their insights and experience without interruptions.  Business topics frequently covered include: Law, Finance, Healthcare, Technology, Trade Shows, B2B Marketing, Venture Capital, Training and Development and other issues impacting the business community.

Partial List of PBC Syndicated Platforms…

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Stay tuned, we’re adding new syndicated platforms on a regular basis…

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